Peggy Martin

Peggy Martin began quilting 30+ years ago, piecing and quilting everything by hand. Along the way, she became hooked on faster, easier ways to make quilts. When she began teaching in 1985, she continued to develop more streamlined, fast, fun methods of working, and enjoys expanding on traditional quilts with new variations and color-play. Peggy has vast experience teaching quilting at guilds, national shows and community colleges. She is the author
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of two books, “Quick-Strip Paper Piecing” and “Paper Piece the Quick-Strip Way”; has exhibited her award-winning quilts in national shows and was selected as Quilting Teacher of the Year in 2010 by International Professional Quilters Association. Peggy lives in San Diego.

Thursday, September 26th

Adventures in Color”
Color is often the first thing we notice in a quilt, affecting our response to it in an emotional way. Free up your own creativity by learning the important of “value” as well as color and by looking at a variety of strategies and approaches to working with color in new ways. 

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Night Fire


Saturday, September 28th

The Serendipity block is one of the easiest patterns to paper piece using Peggy Martin’s Quick-Strip method. Beginners are able to make this pattern quickly and easily, and experienced quilters will enjoy new design possibilities of combining this block with other traditional blocks.

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