Four Patch and Friends

This month we will be using 3 fabrics. A background fabric [white on white or cream color] A large scale print-a big floral print would work A small scale print-a small floral or polka dot would work

For ONE block you will need: background fabric- two 4 ½” squares large print- eight 2 ½” squares small print- four 2 ½” squares

Instructions: *Using 4 large print squares and 4 small print squares, sew one large print to one small print. Do this for the remaining sets. Press the seam to the small print. Sew sets together to make four 4 patch blocks.  Fabrics should be opposite each other with the small print in the upper left corner and the large print in the upper right, large print in the lower left and small print in the lower right.
*On the four remaining large print squares, draw a line from one corner to the other on the wrong side of the fabric.
Place a large print square on two opposite corners of the 4 ½” background fabric with the drawn line touching both sides of the background fabric block. Sew on the line.  Trim the excess ¼” from the seam.
You will have extra fabric triangles, [bonus: you can sew a ¼” seam and have ½” square triangle sets for another project!] Press the seam toward the triangle. Do the same for the second 4 ½” square with large print squares. These are your friend blocks.

Assembling the block:
Row 1. Place the friend block with the large-scale print in upper right corner and the four-patch next to it with the large print in the bottom left corner
touching the friend block. Sew together, and press seam toward the four-patch.

Row 2. Place the four-patch with the large print fabric in the upper right-hand corner next to the friends block with the large print in the lower left-hand corner
touching the four-patch. Sew together. Press seam toward the four-patch.

Finishing; Sew rows together with the friends block on the upper left and lower right. Press seam toward bottom row.

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