Lori DeJarnatt

August will bring us a wonderful experience with Lori DeJarnatt who has been quilting since 1993.  She is consistently inspired by vintage quilts which can be expensive so she began to reproduce them.  String quilts that have been made since 1860 and most were foundation pieced for stability and ease of sewing.
“I like antique quilts! I love the way quiltmakers made do with what they had. They didn't use fancy tools or the latest gadgets, but boy could they create treasures!! Even when the points are chopped off and the borders don't meet exactly where they hoped they would, these
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quilts have stood the test of time for being practical and beautiful and in my little blog on the web I call them Humble Quilts. I get a lot of pleasure from reproducing these humble quilts, either as a large quilt or a doll size quilt.”


Thursday, August 24, 7pm

Reruns: Quilts Inspired By the Past

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Saturday, August 26, 9 - 1:30

String Quilts

To enroll: contact Donna Dale at:

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“Strings” are those leftover fabric strips and pieces that float around everyone’s sewing room. String quilts are simply quilts made from your longer fabric scraps. If you’ve ever wanted to make a string quilt but didn’t know where to start, Lori’s class is for you.  Each unit will be unique as you decide which quilt block to use.  String quilts are almost always scrap quilts, either solids, prints or a combination.  Reproduction fabric will create an old fashioned look as many string quilts were made in the 30’s.  Use what you have or what you love.

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